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Social Inclusion Scrutiny Panel

The Council each year appoints a number of Scrutiny Panels. Whilst the panels have specific functions their primary role is to review and scrutinise decisions or actions taken in connection with the discharge of the Council’s functions and make reports to the Council or executive as appropriate (post scrutiny) and to exercise the right to ‘call-in’ for reconsideration, decisions made but not yet implemented (pre scrutiny). Part 3 of the Council’s Constitution contains the Scrutiny Panel Terms of Reference. (To view the Terms of Reference, please click on 'Public Documents' on the left hand side and follow the links to the Constitution).
29 June 2004 - 23 May 2005
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Elected Members

PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
Councillor Malcolm Bridges Member 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Mick Davies Member 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Robert Evans Chair 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Raymond Howes Member 27/07/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Mavis Hughes Opposition Representative 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Margaret James Vice-Chair 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Gurcharan Sidhu Member 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Councillor Joanna Watson Member 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005
Liberal Democrats
Councillor Mary Wilson Opposition Representative 29/06/2004 - 23/05/2005

Other Information

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